My first interest in writing was in grade school when my teacher read ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ aloud in class. It was around that time that I started writing poetry and short stories of my own. Since then, some of my poetry has been published and awarded.

In 2009 my attention turned to writing novels. Town, my first novel published, is the brain child of that endeavor. I also have numerous other novels in the works and expect them to be forthcoming.

I am inspired by people who go for what they want, despite what popular opinion may say. I have a thing for b-rate horror movies, would prefer to eat more lobster and despise daily routine. Though I am well traveled and have lived an adventurous life, I find myself becoming more reclusive as time goes by.

When I’m not on my property in rural Ohio camping and riding four-wheelers, I live in Schaumburg Illinois with my wonderful, and very supportive girlfriend.

I am very approachable. Have questions about writing, self-publishing, or just want to leave a comment? Feel free to email me through the contact page.

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