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Reading is good brain exercise, but reading is also a voyage; a movie that takes place in the theater of the mind and you are the director. 

Like most, I prefer to go about my daily life with minimal mayhem and mishap, but let’s face it, when things go awry; when chaos ensues and turns an otherwise good day upside down with grief and despair, there can be something comforting about other people’s tragedy. Hence the expression ‘someone else has it worse’. Somehow, there is a sense of alleviation knowing that misfortune has befallen another harder than it has hit us. Perhaps this notion has aided my life long thing for fiction horror and tragic tales of someone else’s unfortunate demise. While there are those who will disagree, there are many who will concur with what I am saying.

Add to the thrill of suspense and fear, the placating element of greater calamity on other’s, and you have the driving force behind the fiction horror industry.

For the sake of fun and self-curiosity, I have comprised a list of my top 10 must read horror/thriller books…and who knows, you may be interested in reading one of them yourself.

On my list

#10 Behind the Door-by Mary Sangiovani

I like going into a read with as little info as possible, so I’m happy that I know virtually nothing about this book, other than there’s a door. Even so, I still felt confident in putting it on this list. This book has high reviews but the ones I looked at all started out as instant spoilers, even the book description had the aura of a spoiler. I put it at #10 and I’ll find out what it’s about when I get to it.


#9 Helltown-by Jeremy Bates

I have yet to read anything from Jeremy Bates but I have high expectations for this book. Jeremy is a USA Today and a #1 Amazon bestselling author. Helltown is book 3 in his series Worlds Scariest Places, but this is a standalone book. Why would I choose book 3 you may ask? Because it takes place in Summit County Ohio…and I’m from Ohio.


#8 Hex- by Thomas Olde Heuvelt

This book has great reviews and sounds completely original. I love originality. Nothing worse than a book that has overtones from every other book I’ve read. I may move this book a couple steps down the ladder toward #1, that’s how interested I am in reading it.



#7 They came with the snow-by Christopher Coleman

This novella is only 44 pages long which will make for a quick read and allow me to see if I’m interested in reading the sequel The Melting, which sounds phenomenal!



#6 The House Next Door- by Darcy Coates

While the haunted house thing has been done so many times it’s a beat subject, this book seems to come from a different perspective. Darcy Coates is a renowned USA today best seller of numerous titles and I hear this book is well worth the read. I’ll be sure to leave a review and let everyone know if it lives up to my expectations.


#5 The Survivalist book 1-by Arthur T. Bradley

I’m a big fan of post-apocalypse survival stories, everything from Escape from New York to Mad Max to the Walking Dead. With an average of 4.5 stars and just under 1,900 reviews on amazon, Bradley has either paid off a lot of people for reviews, or this is a great book. I’m eager to find out!


#4 A Head Full of Ghosts-by Paul Tremblay

As previously mentioned, I like going into a book with as little information as possible, so I was happy that I only needed to read one short review and half the description before I realized that this was one for my list. Sounds awesome and I’m really looking forward to it!



#3 Numb- by Jeff Menapace

Having read Wild life by Jeff Menapace, I knew in advance that one of his books would be on this list. He has a clean, to the point writing style that makes for vivid reading. I have enjoyed his work tremendously; I’m eager to read more and this book sounds like a knockout!



#2 A Winter Sleep- by Greg F. Gifune

In my quest to comprise a must-read list I came across this book and became instantly intrigued. It sounds less horrific and more weird (weirder) which can still be horrifying in its own way. With minimal reader reviews to taint an unpersuaded outlook, I am looking forward to it with an open mind and much anticipation.



#1 River of Ghosts- by Gaby Triana

At the time of writing this post 10-1-18 this book is on order. Having just finished Wild Life by Jeff Menapace, which takes place in the Florida Everglades, I found it fitting to instantly purchase this book as it takes place in the Everglades as well. Beyond that, Gabby Triana is a best-selling author and has won numerous awards for her books, so, I am anxious to receive the order and to begin reading, River Of Ghosts.


I’m curious to see which of these books will meet, which ones will fall short, and if there are any that will exceed my expectations. I will be reviewing each of them on and on amazon once they are read.

What does your reading list look like? Not sure? Don’t have one?

I had more fun making this top ten reading list than I could have imagined. It has prioritized my recreational reading and has fueled my desire to read more.

Note: The cover images used in this post are for representation of the corresponding title only, they fall under the freedom of information act and the fair use clause.



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2 Responses to My Top 10 to Read

  1. What an incredible list of recommended books! I have most of them on my never-ending tbr list. I love horror, thrillers, and anything that even slightly resembles either of these genres.

    Thank you for creating this list. I know that it takes time, but looking for new books is one of my favorite things to do.

    After reading the blurbs, I have no idea which one I would start with, but I don’t think you can make a bad decision.

    Happy Reading!

    • Clayton says:

      Oh yes, the ever growing tbr list. Limiting mine to a top ten really put it into perspective for me. While the list is dynamic, gets rearranged and other books have crept in, it never drops below ten. I could easily make a top 100 🙂

      I’m happy you enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading!


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