A Dark Collection: 12 Scary Stories-by Mark Lukens

A DARK COLLECTION of 12 horror stories, one for each month of the year.

CROW MANOR (January) – A young couple struggling with their finances gets an amazing opportunity to house-sit at a strange mansion where something horrible waits for them.

FEARS OF TORTURE (February) – A new twist on the hitman and an assassination.

SQUISH (March) – After a man stages a deadly accident, the dead come back to haunt him in a peculiar way.

PURGATORY (April) – After a car accident, a family and their injured daughter are chased by the truck that hit them to a seemingly deserted town.

A KNOCK IN THE NIGHT (May) – A young couple staying the night in a remote cabin is terrorized by a stranger.

THE CLOSET MONSTER (June) – A young boy tries to convince his parents that there really is a monster in his closet.

THE TANK (July) – A man wakes up trapped inside a metal tank. He’s not sure who put him there or why, he just knows that he needs to escape.

WELCOME TO PARADISE (August) – A young woman with psychic powers and her three friends become stranded in a town where the people won’t let them leave.

VOODOO ASSASSIN (September) – A woman seeking revenge for the death of her sister finds her answer in a strange assassin.

THE SPIRIT OF HALLOWEEN (October) – Three friends try to outdo each other with frights on Halloween night.

RATTRAP (November) – A young couple believes they have rats in the walls of their house – but their pest problem is much worse than they ever imagined.

THE VENDING MACHINE (December) – Nine year old Sammy discovers a broken vending machine that seems to grant his wishes, but he must be very careful what he wishes for.