Books by Clayton Morgan

TOWN—The Chronicles of James McConley #1   

In a vast range of mountains beneath an ancient evergreen forest there is a hidden town, known only as TOWN.

When Sheriff McConley and his deputies follow the trail of two bank robbers into Town, the satanic forces in control are soon revealed and all hell breaks loose. Leaving the bank robbers to be the least of the sheriff’s worries.

More than a tale of two bank robbers, a hard nose sheriff or satanic tyrants. TOWN reaches into the being, exposing the limits of man’s strength, revealing the foolishness of his pride, teaching the lessons of consequence for folly action and the harsh reality of poor decisions.

TOWN is smart and stylish. With an array of original characters, witty dialogue, and plot twists that will keep the reader guessing.



While the highway to Hell may be fraught with peril, the road to salvation is littered with cons and laden with snares.

A collection of dark poetry and philosophical blunder

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The Light Witch—The Chronicles of James McConley #2                                           

An ancient evil has been summoned and runs rampant in a nearby woods. Able to possess, masquerade and kill, it must be stopped before it inhabits the ultimate host and carries out its diabolical will.

When Sheriff McConley receives a mysterious call for help, he and his deputies venture out to investigate. Soon, they are encountered by a reality changing entity and stalked by a rogue apparition with a sensual appetite and a desire to kill.


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