Crowley’s Cult-by Andrea Merchak

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“Rosemary’s Baby meets The Sentinel … but much more erotic.”

When Zane, a renowned painter, and his fiancée have their lives threatened by a stalker, the couple find sanctuary in a centennial building famous for its macabre history.

But appearances can be deceptive, and Zane’s presence unleashes a dark shadow from the past.

Zane and his fiancée find themselves thrown into a world of violent deaths, bizarre rituals, and satanic orgies as a group of wealthy people introduce them to a life of bisexual intercourse, an intriguing muse, a maleficent entity, Aleister Crowley, and Lexa, a stunning and bold young woman who jeopardizes the couple’s relationship.

Who are these people?

Will Zane be able to unveil the truth before it’s too late?
REVISED EDITION. This edition incorporates major editorial revisions, but there are no plot changes to the original story.

Warning: this novel contains graphic scenes of violence including murder, vulgar language, and explicit sex.