Death & Pestilence: A Horror Anthology-by Andrea Merchak & Others


Twenty authors from Canada, USA, England, South Africa, Australia and Brazil take you on a journey of terror and fright that will leave you looking over your shoulder, wondering what lies beyond the next turn and asking yourself what is hidden in the shadows.


B.G. Strong, E. J. Walker, Guy Cheston, Caito Caol, Dennis Stein, Flynn Gray, Rob Powell, Stephen Kriedemann, Micky Neilson, Victoria Griffen, Chevoque, Andrea Merchak, Michaela Turcotte, Nathan S. M. Knapp, Rod Martinez, J. P. Frost, Rick Weiss, Jasmine Love, Paul Pickett, Jay Michael Wright II

Sands Press collected the top twenty submissions from a short story horror contest and showcased them in “Death & Pestilence”. These stories will have you sitting on the edge of your seat questioning your better judgement as to why you decided to read this book when you were alone.