Night Terrors-by Mark Lukens

How do you hide from a psychic serial killer?

Tara Simmons has had psychic abilities for as long as she can remember, and she’s suffered from nightmares of the Shadow Man pursuing her. The Shadow Man found her once before when she was sixteen years old and he slaughtered her parents. And now, nine years later, he’s found her again.

The Shadow Man is killing people as he works his way closer to Tara. She can see the murders through his eyes and the things he takes from each victim: blood, skin, and other items he needs for a bizarre ritual, a ritual still missing the most important and central piece – her.

Tara wants to run and hide; it’s what she’s always done. But she’s not running away this time. She’s going to fight back. She’s going to find a way to stop the Shadow Man before he kills again.