Note: The book reviews below are merely Clayton Morgan’s opinion on the books and are protected under free speech. The reviews given may or may not reflect that of popular opinion.

I’m not a fan of the standard rating system using 5 stars, in my mind rating a horror book {especially a horror book} is just not that simple. At books are rated in 5 different categories and are given between 1 and 5 bloody axes per category. The total bloody axes are then calculated for an average and an over all rating is given. I do not write lengthy reviews or give spoilers, my review is only meant to help one decide if they want to read a particular book or not. Keep in mind, the reviews are merely my opinion and should be taken as that…opinion.


                                    Wildlife—by Jeff Menapace

This book is well written, fast paced and fun! Jeff Menapace is a great writer, able to deliver a vivid reading experience with minimal description. While wild life is not one of his acclaimed works, it is well worth reading. The characters are very defined and keep this book rolling non-stop once it all starts. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.


                                             The Rib From Which I Remake The World—by Ed Kurtz                                   

I was intrigued with this book from the moment I started reading the prologue. Kurtz does a great job of building a barrage of broken characters and twining them together. Then, the story gets a little weird and a bit creepy, delving into the sinister realm of black magic. This is a very unique and imaginative story.


                                       Ancient Enemy—by Mark Lukens

Ancient Enemy starts out in the perfect setting for a horror story and jumps straight into action. The imagery driven throughout the book is vivid, the story is clear and easy to follow, making this book a page turner. There is a sequel ‘Dark Wind’, so Ancient Enemy arrives at no real conclusion and leaves the reader wondering what happens to the surviving characters, which is good for a sequel.



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