Undead Fleshcrave: The Zombie Trigger-by Jim Goforth

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Thriving metropolis with a population including more than its healthy share of extreme heavy metal aficionados, which is why this city is the ideal location to kick off the inaugural tour of mysterious death metal super group Undead Fleshcrave.
With a concert to play to a sold out venue, the brutal metal collective have the metalhead denizens right in the palm of their hands, ready to unleash musical mayhem for Armada’s headbangers.

Among the capacity crowd are Seth, Mark, Julietta, Miranda, and their friends, all of whom belong to a different metal community to the death metal crew, that of black metal. Nonetheless, they will have more than a casual interest to witness the must-see show which has been the talk of the town for weeks.
Only this headbangers heaven isn’t going to be any ordinary concert. It is about to turn into headbangers hell. Undead Fleshcrave have a little thing they call Zombie Trigger which is going to be unveiled right here in Armada, and all true death heads are going to be treated to an orgy of bloody brutality and terror beyond any of the ultra-violent lyrics in the songs they adore.

Hopelessly ensnared in the crush of a concert turned cruel trap, Seth and company are just about to find Armada has been earmarked as the epicenter of a deliberately planned out undead apocalypse.

And this is only the beginning. Undead Fleshcrave have a calculated plan which will see them continuing their tour of terror all across the country, bringing the Zombie Trigger and its undead